Continuous improvement of qualifications is our priority.

About us

Our goal is continuous development, broadening of knowledge and customer satisfaction.
Informacje o firmie E.D.I.L Sp. z o.o. Konstrukcje stalowe

E.D.I.L. Sp. z o.o. was established in 2008 to meet the needs of the steel and chemical market. Over the years of working with investors in Poland and abroad, we have gained extensive experience in the completion of objects with steel structures, chemical facilities, industrial halls and warehouses. Many years of cooperation with the Chemical Plant in Police has also resulted in gaining knowledge and qualifications for the construction and start of chemical tanks, pipelines and installation of various types of industrial installations. Continuous improvement of qualifications, broadening of knowledge and skills of assembly teams and office workers allows us to maintain the highest standards of work and customer satisfaction. We have the necessary technical and human resources, which translates into fruitful cooperation with many companies and gives us confidence that we are able to meet any challenge posed by customers.

E.D.I.L. Sp. z o.o. is not only a business...

Apart from business activity, we are involved in various assistance projects for the neediest. is also charity work.

As an entrepreneur, we support local social welfare initiatives and sponsor sport and recreation.


We have the appropriate technical facilities for the prefabrication of a wide range of steel structures and their assembly in the target location. We use the highest quality materials, at the same time providing the proper anti-corrosion protection of the structure.
We offer services in the field of construction, assembly and repair of chemical machinery. We have experience and necessary qualifications, our staff consists of highly qualified employees who ensure high quality and punctuality of services.
The construction of industrial installations is a wide range of works - building, construction, anti-corrosion protection, etc. As a result of the work performed by our company, the customer receives an installation ready to operate, carried out in accordance with the highest standards.
The range of our services also includes the assembly of all kinds of pipelines, both welded and bolted. We carry out low and high pressure installations for any media, including aggressive ones.
We offer comprehensive execution of small and large warehouses with steel and mixed construction.
We effectively protect all steel structures against corrosion. We use the latest and highest quality technologies, and the experience of our employees guarantees success in the fight against rust.
We carry out demolition work on both buildings and steel structures. We carry out the works in compliance with the highest safety standards, and the qualified staff watches over the correctness and timeliness of their course. We use professional construction machines during the works, and after the completion of demolition works we restore the area to the state of full usability.
Due to the use of the latest technologies, we ensure high quality of services consisting in joining conveyor belts. Many years of experience in daily work with conveyor belts guarantees a perfect execution of works.
E.D.I.L Sp. z o.o. Steel structures

Why we?

Knowledge and qualifications

Continuous improvement of knowledge and qualifications to perform more and more complex tasks is our priority


Many years of cooperation with industry companies results in a great experience translated into every project


Professional teams of assemblers and office workers undertake any task and guarantee success

Highest standards

We maintain the highest standards of work and provide optimal technical and economic solutions

Technical facilities

We have the necessary technical facilities to perform every order of investor

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a very important aspect of our day-to-day business

Project overview

We thoroughly discuss each project with the investor before commencing the task.

Action plan

We prepare an action plan and follow the guidelines.


Completion of the investment is only a matter of time.


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We are open to cooperation...

Permanent cooperation

We are looking for companies to cooperate in Poland and for foreign contracts.
We invite you to enter into a dialogue on this matter at the phone number +48 530 800 582 or at the e-mail address

Informacje o firmie E.D.I.L Sp. z o.o. Steel structures

Job offers

We are sorry. Currently we do not have any job offers.

Thank you for your trust and we invite companies, institutions and private investors to cooperate with us. We approach each order with due diligence and professionalism guaranteeing cooperation at the highest level.

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